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Since its foundation in January 2021, PURMX Therapeutics has been developing MIRX002, a seed born from basic research at Hiroshima University, as its main focus.

First-in-human investigator-initiated clinical trials MIRX002-01 (single dose) and MIRX002-02 (multiple dose) are currently underway at Hiroshima University.

PURMX Therapeutics is the world's pioneer in the use of natural microRNAs as nucleic acid drugs, and has attracted much attention both in Japan and abroad, including a first-in-human investigator-initiated clinical trial soon after the company's establishment. MIRX002 has an anti-tumor spectrum that can be applied to other refractory cancers (including cancer stem cells and cancer cells resistant to anti-cancer drugs), and is a very promising seed that can be considered for expansion of indications in the same formulation.

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