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PURMX Therapeutics, a biopharmaceutical venture company from Hiroshima University, will become a leading company in RNA-based nucleic acid medicine and a leader in the development of nucleic acid medicine worldwide.

Our Vision

We are developing innovative nucleic acid drugs that will revolutionize the industry to help patients suffering from intractable diseases.

Promising and Ultimate RNA Medicine

Aiming innovative nucleic acid drugs that cure patients

CEO message

My dear friends, students, and family members were suffering from cancer, and I could not help them because there was no treatment for it. I felt helpless to do anything about it, even though I was conducting cancer research, and this is what motivated me to take on the challenge of drug discovery.

I started my own company, dreaming of developing a drug that would not merely prolong life, but a drug that would cure cancer completely and enable me to live a happy life with my family and loved ones.

Based on science, we have found a concept to completely kill cancer cells, and we will create an innovative nucleic acid medicine by assembling a team capable of conducting basic research, clinical trials, and approval.

Based on the novel concept of "Aging switch," we have created our first pipeline product, MIRX002, and have started a first-in-human investigator-initiated clinical trial for malignant pleural mesothelioma. Beyond this pipeline, we will continue to develop assets that show efficacy in all types of cancers.

We will actively collaborate not only with our technology but also with companies with innovative technologies such as DDS to perfect innovative anti-cancer drugs to help patients.

CEO Hidetoshi Tahara

News Release


“We want to save patients with difficult-to-treat diseases with cutting-edge nucleic acid medicine.”


We will overcome difficulties while having fun through teamwork and communication, and accomplish the drug discovery project.


Since its establishment in January 2021, PURMX Therapeutics has been developing MIRX002, the seeds of which were born from basic research at Hiroshima University, as its first product.


PURMX Therapeutics has a proprietary functional RNA screening platform.​


We use our proprietary platform technology to create nucleic acid drugs that are optimized for the treatment of diseases.

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